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Separation & Reunion

Services offered: family separation and reunion

Our services aim to provide support to families dealing with the various challenges, such as dealing with absence, whether the absence is related to a military deployment, posting or mission, among others.

Our Psychosocial Counsellor can meet with the family and close friends of a military member to help them deal with the absence in a positive way. The Counsellor can go over various things, from establishing a new routine to handling parent-child relationships, managing stress, communicating as a couple, preparing for a move and so on. Our Family Separation and Reunion team strives to provide the resources and tools that will meet the needs of families dealing with a military member’s absence.

The services are confidential and free.

  • Psychosocial counselling: individually, as a couple or as a family; 
  • Respite during the absence of the soldier; 
  • Emergency assistance for family obligations, 
  • childcare service of last resort; 
  • Self-help and support group; 
  • Resources to explore in your community; 
  • Etc.

Psychosocial Counsellor
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