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Steps for military member's welcome or departure form

Here are the steps to follow so that we can sign your receipt card (IN or OUT) upon your arrival (or departure) at your new unit:

1) Download the necessary forms (welcome form (IN) and departure form (OUT));

2) Check all the boxes or fill in all the spaces requested, indicating all the necessary information (e.g. email address, spouse's name, children's names, etc.).

3) Once the form is completed, save it and encrypt the document by adding in the recipients. Submit the encrypted form in the Submit your onboarding/departure sheet section below. Make sure to attach your form by clicking ATTACH FILE, then press SUBMIT.

4) When we receive your duly completed form, a confirmation letter, attesting to the receipt of your information, will be sent to you. This letter is then equivalent to our signature for your discharge card and is valid with the orderly room of your unit. Remember to print it and join it to the receipt card for the orderly room.

*** For arrivals, we invite you to obtain our welcome kit in one of the following ways:

• Via our website at:

• By emailing us at We will then send it to you by email.

Do not hesitate to contact or make an appointment with one of our community integration officers for more information.


Welcome form


Departure form


DAG Information Form


Formulaire décharge high risk


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Welcome form

 Q: If I do not have all the information requested on the form, what should I do? 

 Skip the question and if it's important like the address, call us back or come back later.  

Q: What is SN? 

Military service number

Q: Should I specify "which region are you arriving from" ? 

Just fill the city or military base where you were.

Q: What does ''are you on imposed restriction '' mean?

Has your family stayed in another province or city for a period of one year or more? 

Q: What does "Are you on a course" mean?

If you are here only for a course and will you return then or not? 

Q: Children: Live with you (At your address). 

Check YES if your children are currently with you in the Montreal area.

Q: Do I have to specify the date of arrival of my family in the region? 

You only have to write in which year (ex: 2020) did you arrive.


Departure Form 

 Q: Do I have to specify the place of work before departure? 

 You only have to specify which city. 

 Q: What does "imposed restriction" mean? 

It means : your family stayed in another province or city for a period of one year or more.

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