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Annual Report

Our mission
The goal of the MFRC is to promote the well-being of military family members in their individual, family and community development. We do this through the efforts of a skilled, dynamic team.

Our vision
Community development is the founding concept of our organization. As such, we are committed to establishing and maintaining a partnership with the community with the goal of improving the collective well-being of community members through their efforts, involvement and participation in decisions that affect them. The MFRC aims to be an agent of change and a rallying point in the community, encouraging individual initiative and helping people realize their potential.

Our values
Our team follows a code of ethics based on respect, honesty, integrity, thoroughness, altruism, personal commitment and solidarity with the community. We believe that:

  • Every family needs support and resources;
  • Such resources and support increase the family’s ability to grow and change;
  • Such resources and support must be provided on the basis of the needs defined by the families, with due regard and respect for each individual’s unique circumstances and character.

Respect is our core value and is expressed in various ways, including open-mindedness, consideration, trust and regard for others.

Here are the annual reports for the last five years:


This is our annual report for the year 2022-2023.

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