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Prevention, support and intervention

Services offered: Prevention, Support & Intervention

Social workers in the Prevention, Support and Intervention sector provide individual, couple or family psychosocial follow-up. Services are offered to spouses, children and teenagers of military personnel, veterans and reservists. In addition, in order to support military families, they offer various workshops on topics that affect military reality. 

Finally, in order to properly meet the needs of the clientele, the social workers can also refer the clients to services in the civilian community.

The services are designed specifically to address a variety of situations:

  • Stress or anxiety
  • Relationship difficulties (work, couple, family)
  • Mental (or physical) health issues
  • Anger or emotion management problems
  • Social isolation or depression
  • Substance use problems
  • Communication difficulties
  • Loss of intimacy in your relationship with your significant other
  • Or any other problem you are having trouble dealing with

Please contact our Psychosocial Counsellor for any information or questions. 

Prevention, Support and Intervention Coordinators
Saint-Hubert : 450 462-8777, ext. 6810
Saint-Jean : 450 358-7099, ext. 7955

Psychosocial Counsellor
Saint-Jean : 450-358-7099 poste 2917
Saint Hubert : 450-462-8777 poste 6821

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